Development First

Development First

Mavericks Soccer Club trains all its soccer players under a development first philosophy.  Understanding that players and team development go hand in hand with winning. Young soccer players develop physically and mentally at different rates and all soccer decisions are based on Mavericks Soccer Club core values to encourage their soccer and human development.

Mavericks Soccer Club uses its core values when making a decision on players, teams and the club. All of the decisions the clubs take for our players is based around our development first philosophy. 


Club Decision

Development First Philosophy 

Player Selection

Focusing on technical skills and tactical understanding. Valuing these qualities over size and strength.

Coaching Mentality

Developing all players through correct and modern training methods. 

  Team Playing Level              

Seeking challenges and gaining confidence through collective success record

Playing Time

Playing time earned by behavior, attendance, and performance. Understanding that game time is essential to development 

Playing Position     

Developing all players by learning and playing multiple positions especially at younger ages

Team Culture

Engaging players in their respective development by setting player and team goals rather than focusing on wins and losses. 

Training Sessions

Coaching by age-specific models and programs alongside a long-term player and team development plan

Training Model

Focusing on age-specific exercises that support the player's mental and physical needs.

Respecting Opponents                     

Understanding and respecting all opponents are fundamental traits instilled in all players. These are cornerstone skills for player development

Respecting Officals

Understanding and respecting their roles as a critical component to the game and how they control the game to the best of their abilities

Club Mentality 

Providing a well-rounded soccer experience to achieve "Individual Excellence - Collective Greatness" through continuous improvement


Seeking constructive criticism and positive feedback through our membership is key to the Club's growth and success.


Sign of stretching current capabilities, necessary for growth and motivation for improvement.

Determining Success    

Evaluating Club, Teams and Coaches goals that are set for both on and off the field matrix.

Poor Behaviour

Preventing and discouraging bad behavior from coaches, players and parents are critical to a healthy and positive playing environment.  Repeated poor behavior is not supported or tolerated by the Mavericks Soccer Club