Parents Code of Conduct

Parents Code of Conduct

The Mavericks have a Parents Code of Conduct policy (detailed below).  Every year at registration, as part of registration, we require that the Parents Code of Conduct be reviewed and initialed as part of the registration process.  This year the forms will be electronic as part of the Online Registration process. 
The spirit of the agreement is to ensure that a positive environment for our youth athletes is provided.  The   basic text of the agreement is listed below.


Parents, family members, and fans must be good spectators 


Mavericks Soccer Club provides a positive environment for youth athletes to play and enjoy soccer.  Remember that the kids are involved in youth soccer for their enjoyment, not yours.  Parents, family members, and fans need to be aware that players, coaches and game officials can make this experience possible only with your support. If an incident occurs during a game or practice and you are in disagreement with the game official, coach or players please try to understand that errors will happen; however, such action does not give a parent, family member or fan the right to be verbally abusive or violent. 

As a parent of a Mavericks player I agree to the following:

  • I will set a good example of sportsmanship by being respectful to the game officials, coaches, players, and teammates.  I will have control over my emotions and be courteous towards game officials, coaches, parents, and players.
  • I will stay 2 yards outside the field line.
  • I will nurture the players with positive comments, and refrain from coaching the team.
  • I will not stand behind the goals.
  • I will not have any physical or verbal confrontation with coaches, game officials, players, and parents before, during, and after games.
  • I will not use derogatory remarks or make gestures of profanity at any time.
  • Coaches and team parents are collectively responsible for the behavior of their team’s spectators.
  • No alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs or dogs will be brought or used on the soccer grounds or parking lots.
  • I will not enter the field of play at any time without the permission of the referee.  This includes a parent of an injured player.

Should there be any concerns or issues with respect to parent or Coaching behavior, it is expected that you will contact the Director of Coaching, Technical Director, or any Mavericks Board Member to alert them of your concerns.

Violations of the Parents Code of Conduct are subject to disciplinary actions as defined in theMavericks Zero Tolerance Policy regarding Inappropriate Behavior.  


All complaints regarding inappropriate behavior by any adults associated with a Mavericks team (i.e., any team officials, parents, or other adults present on the team sideline), as well as all yellow or red cards issued to team officials, will be promptly investigated by the Mavericks Disciplinary Committee. If: (1) any team official receives a yellow card or red card, or (2) the Committee determines that the adult behavior in question violates any policy of the Mavericks, ACCYSL, District 4, GSSL, or NorCal Premier the Mavericks will impose the following sanctions (in addition to any other sanctions imposed by D4, GSSL, or NorCal): 

First offense: 1 to 2 game suspension, unless the Committee determines in its sole discretion that a verbal caution is sufficient.

Second offense: 2 to 4 game suspension.

Third offense: Suspension for at least the rest of the season; the Committee may extend this suspension to include some or all of the next season.

The sanction will apply to the adult team representative responsible for the infraction (whether it be the head coach, assistant coach, or parent).