Club Fee Summary

Club Fees Summary

Club, Team Fees, and Expenses

The Mavericks competitive and NPL soccer program is the highest level of competitive play available through Norcal Premier, with the biggest time commitment for players and families. The competitive program requires more games, more practices, more travel and more field time. Because of the higher level of activity and use of resources, the annual fees to join a competitive program are usually higher than most recreational teams and programs. The Mavericks welcome all soccer players who have the skills, commitment, and determination to play at the competitive level regardless of ability to pay.  To facilitate this philosophy, the Mavericks offer financial scholarships to help offset annual fees for families who meet the financial criteria. 

Categories of Fees and Expenses:

  • Non Refundable Deposit (Paid to Mavericks with 48 hours of accepting you spot) 
  • Mavericks Annual Club Fee – paid directly to the Mavericks (traditionally in 2 payments on June 15th and December 15th)
  • Customized Payments Plans that suit your needs
  • Individual Team Fees – paid to the team manager/treasurer
  • Uniforms – paid to the uniform vendor directly (Soccer Pro, Berkeley)

Mavericks Annual Club Fee:

The annual club fee is paid directly to the Mavericks. The fees pay for practice and game fields, coaches, equipment, training wear, clinics and academies, young coaches program, referees for games, US Club and NorCal registration fees, and other club expenses (e.g., insurance and daily administration). There is no additional charge for team camp (a half-day week-long camp typically held sometime mid-July to mid-August).  These fees are due in two installments when a player agrees to join a team and must be paid before a player pass can be issued at the start of each season – that is, payment of the Mavericks Annual Club Fee is necessary before a player can play in a game. 

The 2019-20 Mavericks Annual Club Fee is broken down as follows:

Age Group

Total Cost (June 2018 - May 2019)

Mini Mavericks 5v5 Teams (2012 & 2013 Players)

 $525 (Scholarships available)

7v7 Teams (2010 & 2011 Players)

$1600 (Scholarships available)

9v9 Teams (2009 & 2008 Players)

$1800 (Scholarships avaiable)

11v11 Teams (2007 - 2001  players)

$2200 (Scholarships available)

* Fees do not include winter/summer league or associated costs.  Additional coaching and resource fees would apply to teams playing additional seasons. 

* A  scholarship rate is available  (see financial aid information click here).

Individual Team Fees:

Team fees are typically paid to the team treasurer or team manager.  Team fees are managed and handled by each team independent of Mavericks. Teams in consultation with the Mavericks director of soccer operations, decide on the team’s soccer activities for the season. There can be considerable variability in costs between teams.  Examples of expenses covered by team fees may include:

  • NorCal State Cup registration 
  • Indoor / Futsal registration
  • Tournament registration fees – (2-3 tournaments per season)
  • Coach travel expenses for out-of-town tournaments only
  • Additional equipment, such as goalkeeper gloves, over and above what Mavericks club provides
  • Trophies, photos or other team gifts


The Mavericks have only one official style of uniform and require all Mavericks teams and players to purchase and wear the current Mavericks uniform style. Teams are responsible for ensuring that all players wear the current Mavericks uniform.  Parents are responsible for the cost of uniforms.  The minimum uniform that all players must have:

  • Shorts
  • Two jerseys
  • Socks

Uniform sets typically change every 2 years. We are the middle of a uniform cycle, so only new players will be required to purchase a new Mavericks and Adidas uniform. As costs continue to rise, average current uniform cost  (before tax) is approximately $120.  Optional accessories available for purchase include Warm-Ups (with embroidery), Ball Bag Backpacks (with embroidery), or sweatshirts (with club logo). 

Please refer to the UNIFORM PAGE for more details.