Advanced Stage U15-U19

Advanced Stage - U15 to U19 

Age plays a big factor in the way children learn, especially when the learning process involves both mental and physical activity. Soccer educators play a critical role in selecting the appropriate content and methodology to correctly develop youth soccer players. All Mavericks training sessions are adapted to the age of the players, always taking into consideration the characteristics of human and player development. 

With physical and mental development mostly complete all components of training can be geared towards producing the highest potential of the soccer player. Strength and muscle development helps develop technique at high speed; it also allows players to react quicker to tactical situations. This stage of development is crucial for combining all components of soccer in order to increase players "soccer" knowledge. 

Key Training Characteristics 

  • Tactical training through small-sided games is essential during at this stage

  • Attacking and defensive principles must figure in all games allowing players to training on speed of play, quick transitions, counter-attacking, creating and finishing in the final third and pressing and a defensive unit.

  • Technical training must focus on speed and accuracy.

  • Tactical training must be emphasized around playing positions

  • Physical components of the game are important at this stage: endurance, strength, speed should feature in weekly training sessions

  • Commitment and discipline is expected to the team alongside concentration in training