Window of Opportunity U9-U12

Window of Opportunity - U9 to U12 

Age plays a big factor in the way children learn, especially when the learning process involves both mental and physical activity. Soccer educators play a critical role in selecting the appropriate content and methodology to correctly develop youth soccer players. All Mavericks training sessions are adapted to the age of the players, always taking into consideration the characteristics of human and player development. 

During this age grouping there is an opportunity to structure training sessions similar to that of older players. The main component of the training sessions will be technical. The most important area to develop players in this age group is technique and basic tactics. As players become older, the capacity to solve in game problems begins to increase. Therefore, players will begin working on basic tactical situations such as playing out of the back and both attacking and defending principles 

Key Training Characteristics 

  • U9-U12 players have a window to learn. Therefore it is the right age to work of specific soccer techniques and skills so developing a sound technique is essential during these ages.

  • Focus must be placed on simple attacking and defending through One on One and two on one training drills/scenarios. This trainingdevelops individual skills as well as the passing techniques require in a team game

  • Physically players need to understand their own body movements. Physical training needs to be based around speed, coordination, balance and agility.

  • The use of small-sided games (2v2 and 3v3) to develop the understanding of attacking and defensive principals.

  • Tactical understanding should come in the form of learning possession, combination play, transition and finishing in the final third. Understanding the roles/importance of the defender positions is very important at this age group.

  • Players will be required to rotate around multiple positions to avoid early specialization