Mini Mavericks

Mini Mavericks U7-U8 Soccer Academy 

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Mavericks Soccer Club introduces the Mini Mavericks U7-U8 soccer academy for players born in 2012 and 2013. This program provides the youngest players with the best possible start to their soccer experience.  The Mini Mavericks U7-U8 soccer academy guides and develops young soccer players during important early stages of soccer development, where an environment of learning, fun, and play is paramount to all young soccer players long-term love and development.

Coaches play a huge part in a young soccer player’s life whether that be good or bad. Our Mini Mavericks coaching staff are specifically identified and selected because of their superb understanding of young children and their soccer development. Creating a fun and rewarding environment for these young players can enhance a serious long-term love for soccer, the Mini Mavericks soccer program creates positive habits that build into the foundation of soccer excellence in future years.  Allowing younger players the freedom for creativity and enjoyment is at the heart of what we aim to achieve in the Mini Mavericks program, often kids who enjoy the game are more likely to thrive for many years to come. 

Our objectives for the Mini Mavericks academy are clear and simple, we aim to create the most comprehensive and rewarding soccer environment for all soccer players within the program.

Playing for the Enjoyment

The most important element of the Mini Maverick academy is enjoyment. Our coaching staff a create fun and exciting atmosphere for players as they learn new skills and make new friends.  At heart of everything we achieve at Mavericks Soccer Club are players who enjoy the game of soccer. Having a love for soccer will undoubtedly allow players to improve at a faster rate

Winning is never placed above development, learning or fun. The Mini Mavericks U7-U8 program promotes healthy competition and encourages players to be competitive using their skills and ideas learned during practices.

Developing Individual Techniques

As players improve their individual soccer techniques they will, in turn, grow in confidence and creativity. It is vitally important that any young soccer player develops their individual techniques, as they are the building blocks for all soccer development.

Developing Motor Skills

Any young person must learn to live within their ever-developing body, and this is even more important for young soccer players. The Mini Mavericks soccer program prepares players by developing and improving basic motor skills, coordination, balance, and agility.

Developing Team Work

Soccer is a team sport and while the majority of the Mini Mavericks program is based on individual technique development, our coaches will encourage players in small groups and team interactions. Our aim is for each player to apply his or her individual techniques in a small group or team environment.